Fees and Services

Educare Fees

Educare Fees are currently R200 per month for toddlers and R220 per month for babies in nappies. The fees are expected to increase to approximately R250 (R270) per month from January 2013.  The fees cover tuition and childcare services and are subsidised by a monthly donation from The Angel Starfish Project Charity in the UK.

Fees are payable over 11 months from January to November.  The Educare Centre is closed for the Summer holidays from 10 December to 10 January of each year.

Educare children

Christmas party

Meal Service

Breakfast is provided to all children on arrival in the mornings and a cooked lunch is provided at mid-day, with a smaller snack being given in the afternoon.  Parents are asked to provide a snack for the child for the mid-morning break. The cost of the meal service is included in the monthly fees and is subsidised by a monthly donation from The Buchanan Group (SA) Ltd.


Bus Service

A bus service is provided by Sijonga-Phambili to collect children in the mornings from 07h00 and to drop children off in the afternoons until 17h00.  The levy for this service is R120 per month and this is expected to increase to R150 per month from January 2013.  The bus service is optional and preference will be given to children who stay further away from the Educare Centre.  The bus levy may be paid at the same time as the fees or may be handed to the staff member accompanying the children in the bus in a sealed labelled envelope.

School bus